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Incident and Near-Misses Reporting

Our online reporting system is for all canoeing and related incidents, whether you are a member of Lincoln Canoe Club or not. Note that you should also report near misses as well as actual incidents.

The information you provide will help us identify issues, and establish an accurate picture of safety and other concerns across the club, broads and other areas.

We will use this information to advise members and improve safety for everyone. So, please include incidents such as those with other water users, access issues, pollution/environment, canoeing safety etc as well as major incidents or accidents.

All information recorded by hand should, subsequently, be transferred and submitted on the online form below.

Lincoln Canoe Club Incident Report Form & near misses

Some fields are mandatory. Please provide as much detail as possible.

On clicking Send you will receive a confirmation email of your incident report.

Onward reporting to British Canoeing

Where appropriate, or of national learning value Lincoln Canoe Club will pass the report onto British Canoeing via its online reporting

You are at liberty to report directly to British Canoeing if you feel the incident was a major incident or near-miss, or you feel that Lincoln Canoe Club has not sufficiently dealt with your report.

British Canoeing also provide a Word version of the Incident Reporting Form, but do prefer all reporting to be online.



Form for reporting incidents and near misses to British Canoeing

Incident Report Form

Thanks for submitting!

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