Membership of Lincoln canoe Club is open to anyone who can swim at least 10 metres in light clothing.  The minimum age for children paddling independently is 8 years; but a parent or guardian must remain in the vicinity of the clubhouse throughout the session.  Beginners and ‘Improvers’ will only be able to paddle at prearranged supervised session.  These are usually on Saturday and Sunday mornings throughout the year.


For Competent and Experienced members, the Club meets for general canoeing and training on Saturday and Sunday mornings all year round.

For members interested in racing (Sprint and Marathon), there are numerous other training sessions for all standards.


If you wish to join Lincoln Canoe Club but have no canoeing/kayaking experience, you must first go on a ‘taster’ session.  Information is in our ‘Getting Started’ section.

If you have previous canoeing/kayaking experience and wish to join Lincoln Canoe Club, you will need to fill in a Membership form (see section Club Documents to download) and pay a fee of £30 per person for three sessions, or £75 for 3 Sessions for a family group..  This allows you four sessions on the water at designated and supervised club sessions before you decide to join. 


Please contact Lindsey or Kev through the ‘Getting Started’ page.

Annual Fees are: £110 Senior, £85 Junior (under 18), £170 Family Membership (first two) plus £40 for each additional member.

A Club Coach will assess the competency of anyone without a formal qualification.

Taster Sessions

Check out our section 'Getting Started' for more information