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Feathered Blade Event

Cold and windy conditions made the penultimate Feathered Blade event of 2017 very challenging, especially on the Brayford where the wind was very gusty and funnelled under the road bridge. Unsurprisingly, no records were set and most paddlers received a reduction in their handicaps. The Three Mile event is pretty well sewn up with Lewis Andrews having an unbeatable lead. With each paddler's lowest score of the year being discarded, the most Dave Mylett can improve by at the final event is 4 points, which would make him equal with Lewis if Lewis scores nothing. In the Six Mile event, Ben Quittenton's win moves him up to third place overall and Lewis Smith's second place puts him in the lead, two points ahead of Richard Mongan. This means that any of the current top four, all of whom could score the maximum 20 points, could take the trophy

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