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COVID 19 Update for all LCC members (updated 7th June 2020)

This is an important message, please read all the way to the end With the government guidelines changing to groups of up to six people and our governing body giving us guidelines we are now thinking of offering some supervised sessions. For this to happen we are having to put some procedures and guidelines in place so we can open safely. With this in mind we have got 13th June as a start date but this is obviously coach dependent. These sessions are not compulsory, please don’t feel any pressure to attend, we hope as social distancing and guidelines ease we will be able to increase the number of sessions we are offering. Club Guidelines

  • If you can paddle from home on a water local to you, this will take the pressure off the clubhouse

  • If you are paddling from the club:

a) Changing rooms, showers remain closed for now. Arrive ready to paddle, keep your dry clothes in the car. One toilet will be open with soap and a disposable towel dispenser. b) Please sign in as normal in the diary and notebook, putting your time of arrival. c) Maintain social distancing guidelines when inside the boat shed and around the club. d) Please keep your own paddles in your boat or take them home with you after use. e) Only paddle in groups of up to six people maintaining social distancing. f) K2 paddling should only be with members of your household. g) All club rules when paddling must be adhered to, especially with regards to paddler competency and personal safety. h) Please paddle a boat that you are competent in, we need to avoid boat/ paddler rescues. i) If you are using club equipment during a paddle session please clean the boat, paddles and buoyancy aid with the cleaning materials provided before and after use. j) Please do not car share with club members from outside of your household Supervised sessions: * If you want to attend a supervised session please arrive 20mins before the on the water time but not too early as you will possibly be clashing with another group. * When you arrive please congregate in the space between the road and the Brayford pool maintaining social distancing. * The coach or designated volunteer will sign you into the club. * The coach or designated volunteer will open the club, clean down the surfaces such a door handles and switches. The boat shed doors will be opened. Members will be directed a couple at a time to each end of the boat shed to get their boat. One member at a time can enter the boat shed to get their paddles and BA. Once you’ve got your boat, set it up you will move it to the grass area opposite the club maintaining social distancing. * The coach or designated volunteer will direct members to get on to the water, only up 3 on the landing stage at any time. * When on the water please continue to maintain social distancing. * On return to the club, please pull up to the landing stage up to 3 people at a time. Please give members space to get out and move their boat. * There will be buckets and sponges available to wash your boats and paddles with soapy water. There is space for up 3 members at anyone time to wash their equipment in front of the boat shed. * We are removing the towels in the boat shed, can you please bring your own small towel to dry your equipment to take home and wash after. * Please do not congregate around the club before or after sessions. Due to government and BC guidelines we are having to be strict on how many we have in each group, for this reason we have set up paddle groups. These are for the lockdown period only, they can only be changed in exceptional circumstances as we need to keep the groups the same. The racing groups are mainly set up for juniors (due to being limited with numbers), any adult members that wish to join in a supervised session please contact Kev or Robyn and we will see if we can find you a group to join. If we have missed anyone off the list, apologies, please get in touch. Racing supervised groups A. B. C. D. James L. Isla L. Milly Sophia F Conor S. Molly Harrison Phoebe Louis B. Dan H. Oliver J. Emily H. Tom W. Izzy F. Abbie Emily J Lewis A. Christina Recreational supervised groups A. B. Louise. Pippa

Myles. Hattie

Chantelle. Alice

David F. Madeline Dawson

James F. Emily Sheils

Andy and Vicky. Emily and Dean Emily Allen

To start with we are just running sessions on the weekend to see how they run, you will be placed on either a Saturday or Sunday session. The session times will be 30mins apart ( between 9am - 11am) to give time for one group to get on the water so please be prompt arriving. Please let Robyn or Kev know if you can attend your session or have any queries. We will let members know Friday daytime which session you are booked on to, once we know coaches availability.

If there are any members that are not part of the supervised sessions and wish to paddle during these morning sessions please try to avoid these times. If you can`t, please maintain social distancing and allow the supervised groups to clear the club and landing stage before approaching

Please remember that non-BC members are only licensed and insured to paddle in club sessions.


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