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Lincoln Duathlon Race Report

Although little interest was shown from any other clubs in the Midlands region for the Duathlon event held on Sunday at the club, Lincoln put out a strong showing of 16 competitors across the 3 races. (click onto picture to view the full results)

4 youngsters took part in the Lightning race.

After a good performance in the run, James Lambert entered the transition first but Conor Simmons got away in front and opened up a bit of a gap to defend in the paddle section.

Evan Oliver finished 3rd in the run with Louis Brierton 4th.

There was a good battle between James and Evan in the paddle stage with Evan clawing back nearly 30 seconds to take 2nd.

The Overall Result

U12: 1st Conor Simmons

2nd Evan Oliver

3rd James Lambert

U10: 1st Louis Brierton

In Divs 1-3 there were 3 competitors. From the start, the Oliver brothers took off. David, with his long stride, opened up a considerable gap and entered the paddle stage 1st. Patrick put up a good fight to try and catch Matt but going into the final run the positions stayed the same. There were no changes over the run and the finishing results were:

1st David Oliver

2nd Matt Oliver

3rd Patrick Mongan

In Divs 4-6, 5 took part. Andy and Dave did good times in the run and entered the water 1st and 2nd, however after a bit of drama assisting with a capsized Div 7 paddler, Joe took the lead. After their delay, Andy continued and completed the course to finish in a great 3rd place, showing the juniors that you should never quit. Nicole had a great paddle leg and made up time on everyone and hung on for 2nd overall.

1st Joe Banton

2nd Nicole Wells

3rd Andy Doran

In Divs 7-9, 5 started. Mike Lambert set off at a fearsome pace and completed the run ahead by nearly a minute and a half. On the paddle stage, Oliver showed some great form bringing himself up into 2nd place. Unfortunately we lost Abbie to a capsize bringing about her retirement.

Mike continued his strong showing finishing well in 1st. Oliver hung on for 2nd with Bailey 3rd. Millie did really well as the only girl finishing.

1st Mike Lambert

2nd Oliver Jackson

3rd Bailey Oliver

1st Girl Millie Pepper

Although there were some tired bodies and aching legs, there were also lots of smiles and it seemed that everyone enjoyed the day.

Thanks to everyone involved and let’s hope if we repeat the event we manage to gain a bit of interest from outside the club, but if not we will still have a great event to look forward too. We also raised just short of £58 for the club through entries and food (Thanks Robyn and Lindsey).

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