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Co-op Community Champions

Lincoln Canoe Club has been selected to be a Co-op Community Champion for the period September to November 2018.

Community Champions is the way the Co-op share their profits with the community. During the three-month period, each charity/group could raise approximately £500 - £1,000. Money is raised through people shopping within certain Lincolnshire Co-ops and using their dividend card, in store fundraising and carrier bag levy. We will give you more information when we receive it on which store/stores we will be in so you can go and do lots of shopping using your Dividend card and raise some funds for new equipment/boats for the club.

We are also registered as a community champion with the Co-op. If you have a dividend card then you can pass on your membership number (which is on your dividend card) to Robyn or log in online and you can chose your own community champion which in this case would be Lincoln Canoe Club, then every time you spend and use your card you will be raising money for the club. Thanks for your support.

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